Covid Response

Covid-19 has permanently changed various facets of life. In such a scenario, The most critical focus for every organization is to keep employees safe in an environment where repeated outbreaks are a persistent threat.

To achieve this, we at Global Group have deployed a comprehensive set of policies and guidelines, including enhanced hygiene measures, provision of additional personal protective equipment (PPE) where necessary, physical distancing, and modifications to existing governance and behaviors.

Following are some of the stringent measures we have taken to make our organization a safer place to work.

Mention the below points as per the format in the link provided above. Use vectors and graphics of our brand colors to depict the below mentioned points.


Readily available stock of masks at our premises to ensure no one enters the workplace without a mask. Masks are to be worn at all times.


Sanitizer stations are evenly distributed at all frequented locations within the premises. Signages are deployed to constantly remind our people to sanitise their hands as frequently as possible.

Shift wise Meal Timings

Our staff and workers are divided into smaller groups and have been allotted separate slots for lunch hours. This minimizes the risk of covid spread.

Social Distancing

All work areas have been adequately marked to help maintain 2 feet distance during shifts